Friday, 19 February 2010

Why I won't be eating crisps this weekend.

Have I ever mentioned that I love crisps?

(Oh my god make her shut up about them)

So you know how your parents can pass on certain traits and characteristics to you?

(Don't worry I'm not trying to start a whole nature vs nurture debate.)
Like for instance my Mum has passed on a debilitating fear of moths and butterflies to myself and my sister. I know, I know they can't hurt me but if you want to see me run, stick me in a room with a lightbulb and a moth. Usain Bolt aint got nothing on me.


So I'm pretty sure that I've passed my crisp addiction on to Lily and Fred.

(Yeah they're my babies.)

They go totally loopy for them and the trouble is they're so ruddy quick. You're sitting there, enjoying your crispage and suddenly out of nowhere a paw appears and your crisp has been swiped.

Most probably along with most of the skin off your finger.

They've come to stay for the weekend and last night I was having my daily crisp intake. You can try and be vigilant and make sure they're not around. The other option is just to shove them all as fast as you can in your mouth (which is a pretty cool option, I'm not going to lie).

But sometimes you get engrossed in something and this happens....

Mutilated thumb ahoy! Courtesy of Fred.

Much as I love my crisps I think I like my fingers more.

(But only just)

And Fred's crisp of choice?

He's a classy boy.
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Maria♥ said...

Omg you made me laugh out loud. Hope your thumb isn't too sore, nothing worse than a cat scratch!

Have fun with the kitties this weekend and may I suggest you go for the shoving the crisp in as fast as you can to avoid another Fred


notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

oooh poor thumb but I love that you see the silver lining.

And um, in my new job (when I get one) I might just have to ask to work at home to watch Gilmore Girls....!

The Curious Cat said...

Beastly! Simply Beastly! I love it - crisp stealing cats! It is a pretty comic image in my head right now! Sorry about your finger I said...beastly!xxx

Diane said...

Thats why I am not a lover of cats - they are painfull to love!! Happy Bloggy Birthday by the way!!! xxxx

Florence and Mary said...

Great post!

Hope your finger has recovered.. I have to say I love those crisps too!

Victoria xx said...

ouch! I have dogs, but gosh they can be fast too! Bertie often lunges at me whipping the food right out of my hand! Sometimes they forget my finger is there too! But cat scratches really hurt! suzie. xxx

P said...

Oh no, fingers or crisps is obviously a real dilemma, haha!

PinkCat said...

Ouch - hope your finger is better soon. If you'd been dipping into some salt and vinegar ones it would have really hurt! x

Petit Filoux said...

ouch that looks painful!! Never thought cats would love crisps that much! Or at all actually!

Tabiboo said...

'ouch' best stay off the salt and vinegar!!

Nina x