Monday, 15 February 2010

The V Day

Is it too late to post about Valentine’s Day?

Aah well. Don’t worry, there’s not really a lot to post.

I mean, really it’s just another day isn’t it? I don’t think we need a specific day to be romantic, and if I’m honest, the boyfriend is a big bag of smoosh most of the time, but I still think it’s nice to have a day just to say “Hey. I like you.”

I gave the boyfriend his card, and he gave me mine.

I don’t do presents and had told him not to bother but he bought me this orchid.

A freaking orchid.

I’m already panicked about killing it. I don’t have a great track record when it comes to nice plants. And those are just regular plants, not special plants that require you to do special orchidy things to them.

And then the day was just like any other Sunday. Bit of Hollyoaks, a trip to Toys r Us to get his niece a birthday present. (That place makes me want to kill myself. Or kill children.) He manhandled me past Hobbycraft. (I didn’t need anything from there, just an inexplicable urge to go in because I was walking past it.)Then back home to just sit and mooch about and watch crap on TV, before eating, watching more crap, bemoaning the fact that it was nearly Monday already, then to sleep.

A couple of times I felt like we should be doing more. There should be more effort. Maybe I shouldn’t have put my lounge pants on the second we came back from the shops. Maybe I should have sat next to him instead of going to sit on a sofa all by myself so I could stretch out.

Then I had a thought. The beauty of it is that that’s what makes me happy. Lying my full length on the sofa, tangling myself up in bits of wool and thread, watching crap on telly, accompanied by the background noise of whatever stupid game he’s playing on the PSP, getting up every so often to make cups of tea and check in the cupboard to see if it’s restocked itself with crisps since I last looked in there (it never has you know.), and generally being a lazy bint.

I’m just thankful I’ve found someone I can be a lazy bint with and still have him love me.

And for that reason I guess he’s my valentine.

(You may all commence vomiting now)


Hayles said...

Manhandling you past Hobbycraft though, without even a lingering gaze at the unused goods inside, thats just a bit wrong ;)

(Have not yet taken my boy to Hobbycraft. Thats another level of crazy I'm not sure he's ready for)

Petit Filoux said...

I laughed at the "manhandling" bit!!
Completely agree about the whole lazying around thing - we didn't do anything either because I don't like to be told what to do and when by the almighty shops - and when you're happy just sitting around together, that's when you know you got it good

P said...

I don't think that's vomit-worthy, I think it's lovely. :)

Maria♥ said...

Omg I'm the same when it comes to plants, nothing survives! Loved Reading your post!


miss*H said...

I love orchids..they are my favourite flowers but they are so hard to keep. I wish I could give you a few tips but I think mine have only survived due to good luck.

You've just put how I feel about valentines. Mr W was working so in the evening we vegged out in front of the telly and then he went to play his xbox. Occasionally I wondered if perhaps we should have done more and made more of an occasion..but its nice that we can veg out in front of each other on separate sofas and he still loves me for wearing my pj bottoms and looking like a scruff on valentines x

Anonymous said...

lol oh you crack me uP!

PinkCat said...

I love orchids. They're so pretty and from experience, the less I've done to them the longer they've lasted. I had one that went on flowering for about a year, then I cut it right down to where the stalk just peeped out of the soil and it started growing again.

Your V Day sounds very cosy - full of the things you love (even if Hobbycraft didn't feature) and each other! x

The Curious Cat said...

You do make me laugh 'manhandled me' and crisp stocking cupboard were particularly funny bits there...loved this entry! You do know how to paint a picture! :) xxx