Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tree Project - The first 6 months

Don't worry, I'm not going to turn in to an arborist.

(Are you impressed I know that word?)

(Don't be. I asked the boyfriend.)

But I just wanted to show you this. Purely because it took me longer than necessary.

You know when you've decided to do something and then halfway through you think to yourself "What the hell are you doing?" but you've gone so far and you don't want to have wasted the last half hour of your life?

This is what happened to me yesterday.

Really I blame The Curious Cat because it was all her idea. "Why don't you do a 6 month review?" she says. And I think "Oooh yeah great idea."

And then I set about trying to do it and realise that actually when it comes to things like that I'm pretty much a technical moron. Why else do you think my blog layout is rubbish and boring? It just stresses me out trying. What I really need to do is pay someone to do this kind of stuff for me but I couldn't bear to that either, so I'm stuck known as that Girl with the Boring Blog.
So why would I decide to try and do this montage?
Because I'm a fricking idiot.
But at least I had a go, right? Right? RIGHT?
(This is where you talk to me like you would a child who's brought home a splodge on a paper and you have to pretend that it's amazing and the finest bit of artwork you've ever seen when in fact you're thinking "Do I really have to put that on my fridge?")
So. Here's a collage of Mr Tree's First 6 Months....

I don't even know if you can make it bigger. I've given up stressing about it. If you come round to my flat I can show you my laptop because it's my desktop background (hey, I'm proud of my splodge) and you can see the writing and everything.

In summary.

It had leaves, then the leaves turned golden, then they fell off, then it snowed on it, and now it has some green shoots.

Shocking I know, right?

Do you ever think to yourself sometimes, "Why in the name of all that is holy am I about to click 'publish post'? You know it's a bit crap, you know that people probably don't want to read about a frigging tree two days in a row, just delete it!! But I have rubbish self esteem and know that you guys are going to be my proud parents telling me I'm wonderful, so bear with me, ok? I'll come up with something better in a couple of days.

9 comments: said...

I have read every word and thoroughly enjoyed it! I love your blog, I thought you had gone for the whole look as a style statement, hee hee! Whats wrong with it? As for your splodge, well it is brill, it looks like a proper postcard, perhaps you should send it to some postcard publisher, hey? I actually have no idea how to do what you did! This is the truth now.... I find your blog one of the most engaging, And I love your attitude to life and your humour is just wonderful! Don't change! Suzie. xxx

topchelseagirl said...

Oh wow, that's fantastic. I love it. You're such a clever girl! - Sorry just getting into the spirit of it lol. Seriously though, I wouldn't have a clue how to make a montage so you're several steps ahead of me on the technical front. As for your blog, I think its fresh and very witty and I love reading it.

mooncalf said...

I think that is the moment to think "Dammit, this is my blog. You don't have to read if you don't want to".

The Curious Cat said...

I think this is a very funny entry! You should see my latest one - that is about hiring a room! How boring is that?!! It is the way you tell it though! And I love the collage - pity blogger won't let you enlarge it! There must be a way though how...not sure...someone more techy here might know?! :) xxx

Swirlyarts said...

Trees are good :)

Diane said...

I think this is very lovely. I like that you love your tree. xxx

J said...

It is a pity we can't see a big image, but it's far, far better than I could ever achieve. Well done for keeping at your '6 month review'. You probably ended up really loving that tree and the seasons.

Trish said...

I love your tree know what is best about you? You talk to us here in bloggy world as I bet you talk to your head or out loud. Just like we are there! Love it. And love your did very well...much better than I could have ever done. Couldn't enlarge the print but you know what? I have been here with you throughout the last six months so I have seen the pics it girl!

Petit Filoux said...

I love your blog just as it is so don't think you need to change it and "sex it up"! (haha can't believe I just wrote that lol)
Loving the tree project although I can't read what it says coz i can't get the picture to get bigger :-(