Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Day in the Life of Fred - Saturday 7th November 2009

5.30am - Wake up

5.33am - Lick Other Mum's face to wake her up. She is unresponsive.

5.50am - Stick nose in Other Mum's nostril. Still no signs of waking up.

6.05am - Start needling her bare arm. She moves - but only to put her arm under the quilt

6.15am - Repeat three former moves on the Tall One.

6.35am - Tall One gets up and feeds us

6.45am - Pigeon watch

7.05am - Retire back to bed with Other Mum. Went to go and sit with Tall One who is playing video games but he looks kind of annoyed at being up so early so I'll leave him alone.

9.25am - Tall One goes into the kitchen to make bacon sandwiches. I get up on the cupboards to watch proceedings.

9.53am - Lie in wait for bacon sandwich

9.55am - Oooh a fruit fly. I'll get it. Knock everything off the shelf trying to get it.

9.56am - Oooh a plastic bag tie. I love it. It's mine.

9.57am - Lily comes over to play with my plastic tie. Hiss at her to keep her away. She always bullies me.

10.00am - Drop plastic tie in Tall One's shoe and try and fish it out. Let Lily help because her claws are sharper than mine.
10.20am - Sleep under table.

10.28am - Get in my box. Can I go home yet?

11.09am - Is it lunch yet? Go and wait by kitchen door just in case.

11.20am - Wait for Other Mum to come out of shower and ask her to feed me.
11.27am - Give Lily a quick wash. No hard feelings about the plastic tie business.

11.28am Miaow outside the kitchen door for lunch.


12.01pm - Biscuit time!!

12.15pm - Pigeon watch.
12.30pm - Sleep time.

2.30pm - Other Mum just gave me some smoked salmon. I love her.

2.35pm - Oh my god! Found my plastic tie again!

3.05pm - The Tall has sat down! Must sleep on him.

3.40pm - Oooh they have cake, I'll come back and sit with the Tall One and see if he gives me some.

3.43pm - No cake. I'm off.

3.45pm - Lily's in my Aldi bag. ATTACK!

3.50pm - Pigeon watch.

4.02pm - Sleep on Tall One

4.09pm - Oh my god! Someone's opening crisps! Oh. It's chocolate buttons.

4.11pm - Sleep on the Tall One.
4.26pm - Sleep under table.
5.00pm - FOOD TIME!
5.15pm - Alone time under the bed.

5.55pm - Oooh! Found my plastic tie again!

6.30pm - Something's going on, Other Mum has the hot stick out doing stuff to her hair. Makes me feel a bit nervous. Starting to get a bit jumpy.

6.54pm - Something's definitely happening. Retreated to the top of the kitchen cupboards just in case.

7.10pm - Ooooh! Nibbles!! I'll stop being nervous. Still have my scared face on.

7.35pm - Feel a bit better after some crispy things. Sleep on the bed. Something's still up though, so my ears are on alert.

8.15pm - ARGH!! PEOPLE!!! Run and hide!

8.45pm - Ooooh pizza! I'll come out.

9.15pm - They're not too scary but I'm pretty tired. I'll sleep on the bed.

23.50pm - Aaaah everyone's leaving. See you, bye.

Midnight - The Tall One is mine. All mine. Time for bed. See you at 5.30am.

PS. Don't move that plastic tie. I'm going to need it tomorrow.


Hayles said...

I love your cat posts, and I kinda wish I had the life of a cat. Lots of sleeping, petting and eating. I think I could cope with that.

Trish said...

HA...that is so funny. I can so relate with my dog Radar....sometimes I really think he is more like a cat than a big German Shepherd.

PinkCat said...

The best sort of life is definitely a cat's life! x said...

I used to have cats. Pretty accurate! suzie. xxx

The Curious Cat said...

awww...I love it! I used to have a cat that loved chocolate cake...funny what some cats will eat! Love the picture of them round the shoe! :) xxx

Diane said...

What a life!! Sounds like my 14 year old!! xxxx