Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween 2009

1. A road trip down to the Midlands involving crazy traffic jams on the M1 and incredibly long-winded detours which result in the boyfriend's road rage reaching critical levels.

2. Special birthday presents for a big sister (it's a pink sapphire if you were interested)

3. Pumpkins (any Seseme Street fans out there who recognise two of them?!)

4. Playing with my most favourite dog in the world.

5. Trick or treating with little skeletons.

6. Stuffing our faces with Italian fare.

7. Retiring back to the house to share childhood memories which included Mum's horrific soup (and it must have been bad for all three of us to have a visceral hatred of it!).

8. Laughing so hard my face hurt.

9. Having group family photos the day after we'd got all dressed up and put our make-up on so we all looked tired and grubby.

10. Eating all the sweets from the trick or treating.


Trish said...

Great little summary painting a HUGE picture. Oh how well put....many would relate...grin. Good shots too and all in all...twas a great time, n'est pas?

Florence and Mary said...

Great pumpkins, my SIL and brother are loving Sesame Street for my little nephew at the moment too

Victoria xx

The Curious Cat said...

Aw...sounds like a bit of a pick n'mix day but generally a good day bar the road rage and bad family photos! Loving the seseme street pumpkins - how clever! xxx said...

Sounds wonderful! Is one of the pumpkins Burt? I love laughing til my face hurts, its great isn't it? suzie. xxx