Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things that happened on Tuesday 3rd November 2009

Today my alarm went off. I woke up. Hit snooze.

And got up 20 minutes later.

I ate my breakfast and sat in front of the television and sighed. Ever since I was off work ill, it's been really hard to go into work each morning. I got used to sitting at home all day in front of the tv and cross stitching.

I looked at my latest Christmas card and wished I could spend the day finishing him off but I had to go to work....
I walked in and mentally made a note to remember to buy an umbrella. I keep forgetting and the only time I ever remember is when it rains on me. It's very annoying.

It cleared up once I got into work, although I didn't know until lunchtime because I moved in to a new office yesterday and it doesn't have windows. Yep you heard me right. No windows. So the view out of my office used to be of Queens Gardens....

...now I look at a wall. And if I turn my head I can see when people go to the toilets and the kitchen. Exciting times.

After I got home I went out to meet friends for chatting and coffee. (But no pictures because I forgot my camera.)

And all day long I wore this little guy, in the hope that good luck wishes can reach from Hull to London and even more so, reach this person

And now it's time for a cup of tea and then early to bed because it's someone's birthday tomorrow and someone gets up and leaves to go to work very early in the morning and I feel I should at least be a little bit awake to say Happy Birthday, rather than grunting at him like I normally do.

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PinkCat said...

Thank you so much. You are such a dear. It is much appreciated. I have seen some more owl things on Monsoon's website, so might venture out at lunchtime to see what I can find!

Since I moved in with Mr P I have been awful in the mornings. I used to quite literally jump out of bed at 7am when I lived at home but now I struggle to pull myself out of bed at 8am. I'm trying to break the habit but it's just SO hard.

Love the Tatty Teddy! x