Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Why sometimes it is good that you get sick.

Remember this one time when I was ill?

Well there was a small part of me that secretly enjoyed it. When I stopped wanting to cry that is. Because it meant that I was legitimately allowed to stay at home and cross stitch to my little heart’s content.

I actually didn’t end up getting as much done as I thought I would. Turned out I was quite ill and I was kept company by a rather marvellous banging headache which drummed out such a rhythm that I actually found it kind of hard to concentrate on needles and holes and charts.

But even so, a couple of Christmas cards were made and I started to make a birthday card for a close friend of my Mum’s.

She’s almost a second Mum to me really, I’ve known her all my life and her and my Mum are a pretty formidable duo when she comes to town. It’s actually quite a relief that she lives in Milton Keynes now, otherwise I’d be worried for the residents of Hull.

As soon as I saw this design I knew I wanted to stitch it for her and thought it would make a nice card. Then when I was finished I thought, why waste it on a card? Put it in a frame and then it can be her present.

The reasons this idea was good are two-fold;
1. She will appreciate the effort I’ve gone to, being a crafty person herself
2. It means I don’t have to buy her a present and I’m all in favour of saving money

The time has come for her to begin her little journey down South and before she gets wrapped up and put in an envelope I thought I would share her with you...
Isn’t she ace?

Wouldn’t we all like to be her?
Sometimes aren’t we all a little bit like her?


The Curious Cat said...

How wicked! It is soo cute! I love it! Pretty much sums up my mum and many a woman I know! xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Oh I absolutely love it!!! It's fantastic!! Where did you find the chart for that, it's so funny!

Florence and Mary said...

Sorry to hear you haven't been well, I'm off work myself at the moment but am barely finding the energy to open my laptop.

Ok how many WW points are you allowed... if you would like to send me an email at victoriaeales@hotmail.com I'll email you back the "quiz" you have to do to work it all out (basically age, height and so on)

Victoria xx

Tabiboo said...

I secretly enjoy being ill - but only if I'm left alone!

PinkCat said...

That's fabulous and so cute. It reminds me I really should pick up some cross stitch again! x

Petit Filoux said...

Thank you for your comment, honestly you made me blush!! ;-)
I can assure you it's definitely not the ultimate baking challenge, it's just a matter of mixing everything together!! You can do it!
And I reckon cakes are like plants, talking to them is good