Friday, 13 November 2009

Why I am sad this evening

The time I’ve been dreading has come. I’ve done all I can to put off the inevitable and hide my head in the sand but this evening I had to face facts.

It was time for Fred and Lily to go home.

Mum is back in town having looked after my nephews while my sister and her hubby went away for a week for her 40th birthday celebrations. I managed to hold her off for a day by telling her that I was VERY BUSY on Thursday night and she couldn’t come and get them.

But I had no excuses for tonight.

I’m not going to lie to you blog-friends. I shed a little tear when they had gone. They’ve been here a whole 10 days and I’ve got used to them now, I don’t want to let them go.

So I decided to blog about it. Let’s get the feelings out there I say!

I also decided I would make a list because lists make me feel comfortable and happy and help me to make sense of the world. So I decided that lists were in order – things I’m going to miss about not having the babies here and things I’m not going to miss.

Things I’m not going to miss

- Having to be extra vigilant whenever the kitchen is concerned. The critters can and will get in to anything. You might think you’ve tidied everything away but their mission is to prove you wrong.

- Being able to eat crisps in a calm and dignified manner, rather than trying to sneak or shovel them in to your mouth in an attempt to avoid a sneaky paw appearing and snatching them out of your hand.

- Being woken up at 5.30am by Fred, who thinks that is an appropriate time for everyone to get up.

- Getting scratched by Lily. I don’t know what is wrong with that girl. Her default position is ‘claws out’ at all times and she has a knack for managing to hook her claw right under your skin so that you actually can’t detach her from your hand/foot/face.

- Litter tray duty. Never fun. And also embarrassing when I get to the top of the stairs and can smell the deposit that’s been left in the tray which is just inside our door. I have to hope and pray that no-one else has come or gone from their flats recently and smelt it too!

- Having a bad back from lying in a contorted position because you don’t want to disturb the little babies sleeping at the end of the bed (ridiculous I know. But sadly very true).

- Having to fight for the boyfriend’s attention all the time because Fred is a little bit in love with him.

Things I am going to miss

- Not waking up to them at all. Yes Fred’s supremely annoying when he licks your chin in the morning or shoves his nose in to your nostril but it’s only because he wants the love from you.

- Not having them there when you come home. It’s nice to know that you’re coming home to something other than a dark and cold flat at the end of the day. Even if what you are coming home to is embarrassingly pungent poo and two furry people who scream at you to feed them.

- Not having a constant source of amusement. Pretty much everything they do cracks me up.

- Walking in to the bedroom and seeing them curled up together like they used to do when they were teeny tiny.

- Having an alert for when the boyfriend is coming home. They’re like dogs and can tell the difference between his steps and other people’s. They’re waiting at the door for him long before I hear the key turn.

- Being in the kitchen and looking up and seeing Fred on top of the cupboards keeping an eye on things......and Lily on the floor always hoping something might land in her bowl.

- Having a cat that you can mess about with and dress up like soft boy Fred.

2 lists. Both with 7 items.

But I think we know which one outweighs the other don’t we?


(And before you say "Get your own!" I have to tell you that we're not allowed cats in the flat - stupid landlord rules. We're not even supposed to have these guys staying with us. Believe me I would love one but the boyfriend is sensible (boo to sensible!!) and says no, we have to wait.)

I had to share these 2 pictures with you as well that I took this morning when I was getting ready to go to work. I walk in to the bedroom and was greeted by this sight....

Hilarious non?

So I went to look out of the window and see what pigeon had caught their fancy and I got a little surprise.

It wasn’t a pigeon.
It was Hitler Cat.
We’re not sure who Hitler Cat belongs to but we see him quite a bit. First time I saw him I was quite worried because he is teeny weeny and I thought he might have been abandoned but he wouldn’t let me close to find out (does anyone else hate it when random cats shun them? I take it to heart and get quite upset about it). I think he’s fine though because we still see him about and he looks pretty healthy.

And there he was.

Up on next door’s roof, staring in at Fred and Lily.

Two cats on the inside and one on the outside.

(PS Please don’t be offended that we call him Hitler Cat. It’s just that he has a little moustache that is know. And there’s this website see?)


Sophie said...


I of course visited the website and laughed outloud in my office causing me to explain Kitler to least it's Friday.

Petit Filoux said...

Brilliant post!! I even made Boyfriend read it!!! Love it!!

Trish said...

Oh my...I felt every moment of every word here! I love your photos...dear little Hitler I am not offended...I can see the likeness. Oh my....look at the two tails sticking out from the very cute. You really captured it all. said...

Ha ha! I thought Hitler cat is a great name! The photo is so funny, cats are so amusing and fun to have around too! I enjoyed your post, really great! suzie. xxx Ps, yes I get a bit hurt when a cat shuns me too! x

My Passport to Style said...

Aaa sweet cats, not surprised you will miss them! Sharon xx

The Curious Cat said...

Awww! If anyone gets offended by Hitler Cat then they have no sense of humour! How cute! And what a sweet entry. I hope writing it made you feel a bit better? One day, in another time and place you will be able to have your own little kittycats! It is a shame about landlord rules - these little babies need homes! So many rented houses are like this! My mum always has trouble when she is moving with her babies.

Cats are wonderful aren't they? It is so hard trying to explain it to those who are skeptical - I think they have to experience them to really understand... xxx

The domestic novice said...

The kitler website is hilarious - Mr M found it a couple of weeks ago and it has provided us with many a giggle. What a shame that they had to go home and that you can't get one yourself. I'm afraid you're going to have to move. Cat x