Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Happy Birthday to you!

I asked the boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday.

He said nothing, he just wanted some hugs and kisses and to spend some time with me.

(I know. He makes you want to vomit doesn't he?)

Unfortunately he couldn't get the day off work, which is why I'm blogging before 7am.

He didn't want to open any of his presents this morning but that seemed a bit wrong to me so I said he should open just one.
Fortunately hugs and kisses are pretty easy to wrap.

Happy Birthday boyfriend! (Even though you don't know about this blog.)
(And when you come back from work this evening there will be two small furry people here to wish you happy birthday too. Oh. Did I not mention that? Fred and Lily are coming tonight and staying for a week. Happy Birthday!!)


The Curious Cat said...

Kitty birthday guests! What fun! Ooo I'd like to know what you've got him!!! Does he not know about your blog at all?! xxx

Trish said...

Oh Happy Birthday to the boyfriend who knows nothing of this blog!

Diane said...

My hubby read my blog for the first time the other week - I think he thinks its all a bit peculier!!! Hope the boy has a great birthday. xxx

Boomka said...

FURRY PEOPLE? Holy crap that sounds like the creepiest gift ever. Seriously, I am a dude and furry people scare me. Quick see if you can return them instantly! But you got him so many gifts! Who is the best girlfriend ever? It just might be you Betty Baker!

Petit Filoux said...

your boyfriend doesn't know about your blog??? how can you keep it secret, i'm always going on about it lol - but to be fair, i haven't told anyone else (family/ friends) about it so i guess i understand!
your message made me laugh! unfortunately the slippers haven't been worn much...
anyway, what did you get your boyfriend then?

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your man!

Victoria xx