Monday, 9 November 2009

A Day in the Life of Lily - Sunday 8th November 2009

6.20: Wake up. Fred annoying Other Mum and the Tall One by licking their faces. Never works, don’t know why he bothers.

6.32: Pigeon watch

7.21: Persuade Fred to go to sleep on the bed, give him a wash to encourage things.

8.25: Had enough of this. Neither of them showing any signs of actually getting up. Start biting their toes.

8.27: Other Mum gets up and feeds us.
8.41: Look wistfully out of window so Other Mum feels guilty about us being trapped inside the flat.

8.45: Snuggle up and have sleep time with Other Mum

10.12: I hear something! Tall One has woken up!

10:21: Pigeon watch

10.23 Fred’s playing with his plastic bag tie again. Try and join in but he hits me in the face.

10.25: FIGHT!!

10.30: Look at the rain out of the window with Fred. Maybe I don’t want to go outside after all.

10.46: They’re having leftover pizza for breakfast/lunch – that’s bad for them. Sit on the box to stop them opening it.

10.52: Sleep time. Sit on the back of the sofa where I can keep an eye on everything and everyone.

13.05: Have some biscuits. I hate that I’m rubbish at jumping. Fred’s always on top of the kitchen cupboards but I can’t get up there. Tall One takes pity on me and lifts me up there so I can see what it’s all about.

13.14: Why is everyone so quiet today? Tall One is on his computer and Other Mum is furiously cross stitching Christmas cards. Nothing for it but to go back to sleep.

14.22: Other Mum starts taking photos of me. She's been doing it ALL day. What the hell is her problem? I lunge at her to grab the camera off her but she sneakily manages to snatch it away.

15.20: ARGH! Fred just jumped on me! Why would he do that? Maybe he’s bored too.

16.37: Pigeon watch.

16.40: Other Mum goes to have a bath. She tells Tall One to feed us.

17.25: Other Mum comes out of bath. I let her know that Tall One didn’t feed us.

18:30: Fred didn’t finish his tea. I’ll sort that out.

18:41: Snuggle time with Other Mum

18.45: Oooh! Tall One is back from shops – leap up to go and greet him. Leave Other Mum with lacerations on her thighs.

19:34: HA! Found my own plastic tie thing. In your face Fred.

20:18: Find Fred on the bed. Have a nice sleep with him.

21:15 Oooh! I hear a crisp packet being opened!

21:51: Other Mum’s still cross-stitching. Think I’ll help her out. (Can’t believe they still haven’t moved that pizza box.)

22:20: Haha! Found Fred’s plastic tag. Yes yes yes.

22:22: Fred takes his plastic tag off me.

22.47: Sleeping all day has left me feeling pretty energetic. Time to chase Fred round and round the flat and climb on all the shelves and knock every one of Tall One’s birthday cards off.

23:28: Other Mum and Tall One go to bed. I’m not sleepy in the slightest and decide to play at pouncing on any part of their body that moves under the quilt.

23:46: Lights out? Really? Guess I’ll just go to sleep then.

PS Watch your toes in the morning.


Jane said...

It very lovely!!!

miss*H said...

I loved this! It sounds about right for a day in the life of a cat :)

Soph said...

Pigeon watch read like "PANDA WATCH!" in my head.

The Curious Cat said...

These are wicked! So much fun! Really enjoying reading them! :) xxx

Petit Filoux said...

couldn't help but notice the box of goodies in the last photo - is it full of thread? looks nice from here!