Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tree Project - November

It’s a good job I did the flu edition of Tree Project. Know why?

In a month someone has stolen all his leaves!
Yep that’s right – in a mere 30-odd days his leaves all turned from green to golden and then fell off. Possibly helped by the horrific weather over the Halloween weekend.

A few of the brave still cling on for dear life though.

And those that perished haven’t gone far. They are lying on the floor to greet me when I go out of the front door each day.

I’m a bit worried now. I get the feeling that the next few months of Tree Project are going to be a bit samey...

It’s really quite inconsiderate of him. I mean he could have held on for another couple of months couldn’t he?

I’ll have a word.

Just to remind you, this was Mr Tree in September....

A lot can happen in a couple of months!


Anonymous said...

Hello hello!
You're reading The Island, I see. It reminded me of Captain Corelli's Mandolin a lot, and that's always a good thing. Glad you're enjoying it!
Also, my tree that I walk past everyday, a wonderful tree all told, has just lost all its brazenly red leaves as well. It's all very sad...
Rosie of BooksAndBakes

The Curious Cat said...

Indeed it can...you never know! I think it is good to watch things like this - you may want to get closer...perhaps you'll see things you never realised existed! xxx

Trish said...

Grin...cute post! Yes...a horrific wind came up the other night...left us in the dark for many hours and when we awoke...there were only a few trembling leaves left clinging to the forested creek behind the home...tis winter